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Newton Drug Crime Lawyer

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Newton, NC Drug Crimes Defense Attorney

Drug-related offenses are some of the most commonly prosecuted crimes in the US. Every state has unique laws pertaining to different types of drug-related crimes. Most US states follow the federal government’s Scheduling system to categorize different substances and assign penalties related to different Schedules. If you or a loved one were recently arrested in the Newton, NC area for any type of drug-related offense, it’s essential to have defense counsel you can trust on your side. The right attorney can make a tremendous difference in the outcome of your case, helping you determine your best available defenses that may help you reduce your sentence or avoid conviction entirely.

Attorney Robert Cayll and the team at the Cayll Law, PLLC have extensive experience representing clients in various types of drug offense cases in the Newton, NC area. Attorney Cayll believes in providing client-focused defense representation, and our team knows that no two cases are exactly alike. When you choose the Cayll Law, PLLC to represent you as your defense counsel, you can expect responsive and personalized legal support through every phase of your case.

Why Should I Hire a Newton Drug Crimes Defense Attorney?

Every American has the Constitutional right to legal counsel when they are accused of a crime. This right applies even when a defendant is unable or unwilling to pay legal fees. If a defendant cannot afford an attorney or does not want to pay legal fees to a private defense lawyer, the court can appoint a public defender to represent the defendant at no charge. While many people see this option as an easy way to avoid paying legal fees to a defense attorney, a private Newton drug crimes defense lawyer can offer more robust defense representation than you could expect from a public defender.

Public defenders are responsible for managing several cases at a time, typically leaving them very little flexibility to devote much time to any one case. While the majority of North Carolina public defenders are hardworking and experienced defense attorneys, they cannot provide their clients much individual attention. The Cayll Law, PLLC maintains a balanced caseload that ensures we can provide adequate time and attention to every client we represent. Our goal is to help our client avoid conviction whenever possible and minimize their penalty as much as state law permits when conviction is inevitable.

Types of Drug Crimes in North Carolina

North Carolina state law defines several types of drug offenses and prescribes different penalties based on the unique details of the case. The most basic and most commonly prosecuted drug crime in North Carolina is drug possession. It is illegal to possess certain substances on your person, in your home, or in your vehicle. If you are arrested and the police confiscate illegal drugs from your possession, you will likely face a drug possession charge that can vary in intensity based on the type and quantity of the substance in question.

The federal government enforces a Scheduling system that assigns illicit drugs into Schedules I through V based on their potential for medical use, addictive qualities, and likelihood of causing adverse medical effects. Schedule I drugs will lead to the most severe criminal penalties in drug offense cases, while Schedule V drugs are penalized with the least severity. Schedule I drugs include substances like heroin and other synthetic opioids. Schedule II includes dangerous drugs like cocaine and methamphetamine. The various Schedules extend down through Schedule V, which includes some substances that are easily obtained for medical reasons.

Drug possession charges may not only escalate based on the Schedule and quantity of the drug but also the presence of paraphernalia or items that indicate the defendant intended to sell the drugs illegally. Possession with intent to sell incurs more severe penalties than simple possession. The defendant can face felony-level charges depending on the quantity and type of drugs they intended to sell.

How Can a Newton Drug Crimes Defense Attorney Help Me?

In every criminal case filed in North Carolina, the burden of proof rests on the prosecution. This means the prosecution must provide evidence and testimony that clearly shows the defendant is guilty of the charges in question beyond any reasonable doubt. They can accomplish this with statements from informants and witnesses as well as legally obtained records and physical evidence. It’s your defense attorney’s job to prevent them from meeting this burden of proof and to expose any failings of the criminal justice system that adversely influence your case.

Your Newton drug crimes defense lawyer should begin handling your case by carefully reviewing the police report of your arrest and determining whether the police had probable cause to conduct the arrest. If the police violated due process or your Constitutional rights in any way, such actions can be enough to have a case thrown out of court on procedural grounds. Your attorney will also carefully scrutinize the prosecution’s evidence to ensure everything is admissible.

Your Newton drug crimes defense attorney could potentially reveal defensive options that you may have overlooked. In the event that you are guilty of the charge in question and conviction is unavoidable, your defense attorney can still offer valuable assistance in your case. It’s possible that they could secure a plea agreement that exchanges your guilty plea and swifter court proceedings for a lighter sentence. If a defendant struggles with a substance abuse disorder, their attorney may be able to convince the judge of diversionary sentencing, such as compulsory substance abuse treatment, in lieu of jail time.

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Facing criminal charges of any kind in Newton, NC can be distressing and isolating, and the right defense attorney on your side can make a tremendous impact on the outcome of your case. If you are unsure how to approach your drug crime case and need legal representation you can trust, contact the Cayll Law, PLLC today to schedule a free consultation with a Newton drug crimes defense attorney.

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